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Meditation is a state of consciousness that can be understood only on a direct, intutive level. Ordinary experience are limited by time, space and the laws of causality, but the meditative state transcends all boundaries.

Physical Benefits of Meditation :
Meditation provide a lasting spritual rest, which must be experienced to be understood. Once you can meditate, the time you normally devote to sleep can gradually be reduced to as little as three hours per night, and you will still feel more rested and peaceful than before. By reducing heart trate and consumption of oxygen, meditation greatly reduce stress level. It seems that each part of the body , even down to the individual cells, is taught to relax and rejuvenate.

Mental Benefits of Meditation :

Meditation brings freedom from fear of death, which is seen as a doorway to a new name and form. People who meditate regularly tend to develop magnetic and dynamic personalities, cheerfulness, powerful speech, lustrous eyes, physical health, and boundless energy. Other draw strength from such people and feel elevated in their presence. Meditation is only possible when all mental modifications have been stilled , and with this comes mental peace.

How to Meditate :
1. Choose an area in you home to be used oly for meditation.
2. As a focal point set up an altar with image of your chosen inspirational figure or symbol.
3. Set aside a specific time of day for meditation.
4. Begin by sitting for meditation for 20 minutes daily. gradually increase the time.
5. Cionsciously regulate the Breath.
6. Withdraw your attention from all outside objects.
7. Select a point of concentration within yourself.
8. Regular repetation of a Mntra will purify the mind.

Why one should use aasans (mats) for puja, meditation and other religious activities?


Normally the present houses are having flooring of marble, granite etc., which are cold. Sitting and doing puja, hawan, meditation etc. on naked floor without any thing can let the cold enter in your body and may invite many diseases like joint pains, cold etc., resulting into non-concentration which is very necessary for puja, meditation etc. Using aasans while performing puja, meditation etc. has become a practice and needs to be followed by all. It may be noticed that even muslims performing namaaz use mats, due to the same reason.


Earth (bhumi or dharti) is considered as wife of Lord Vishnu and we considered earth as mother ( dharti maa). To maintain the desired discipline between the relationship of a mother and grown up child aasans acts as a layer between the hips of son and body of mother.


If you have anything already laid on floor than also you should use aasans while doing puja, meditation etc., because the earlier item which is already laid on floor is continuously been used and rubbed many times by your foot steps. While doing puja, meditation etc. one should keep in mind this cleanness part including hygiene.


Why only woolen aasans?


In ancient time, rishis munis used to do yoga, puja, sadhana etc. on kusha aasans. The present scenario doesn't suits one to have kusha aasans. Thus one can avail all the good things by using woolen puja aasans. Wool and kusha both are considered to be outsource from one place only.


When you continuously perform puja or meditation there is some special kind of power generates in and around you. There are various small insects in the environment that attack the power generation, but when you sit on woolen aasans the possibilities of attack reduces nearly to NIL for the reason of wool.


When you perform activities like puja, meditation, hawan etc. possibilities of using kapoor(camphor), agarbatti (incense) etc. are there. There are possibilities that due to sparkles the aasans may catch fire. But with woolen aasans there is no risk that it will catch fire, as wool cannot burn.


Please note that in puja each and every thing has to be pure. Unless the things are not pure they don't perform their best. The most important part is puja aasans. As far as purity of puja woolen aasans are concerned they can never be impure for the reason that wool automatically gets purity from environment itself vis-à-vis other fibre aasans which are needed to be washed and cleaned to make it pure.


As far as durability is considered wool is considered to be more durable fibres than other fibres and thus have longer life.


Why woolen aasans manufactured in Vindhya region?

Vindhya region is considered to be best in whole universe.** Thus anything made in this region automatically considered to be pure and best. In this way the user of woolen aasans, made in this region, will avail all the wishes of Maa Vindhyawasani (goddess).

Our products are purely hand made involving No Child labour at any stage whatsoever. These products are made with heavy cotton backing with around 70 tufts per linear foot. Vaccum regularly. Dry cleaning recommended.

Thus for everything i.e. puja, hawan, meditation etc. aasans is required. Woolen aasans are considered to be the best vis-à-vis other aasans. Please note that eating food on sitting floor is also considered as puja as there is god inside everyone. Thus if you take your meal on sitting woolen aasans you will realise certain different & good feelings.

There is myth in Jainism that wool used in aasans are taken harshly from sheeps, but this is wrong. The wool which are being used in aasans or other products are the increased hairs of sheep which are cut and used as wool in our aasans and other product.