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Tips and Importance of Shaligram

The spots where salagrama-stones are found within the Nepal territory. Actually there are four spots in the river within Nepal jurisdiction, where the sacred stones are picked up. Until recent times, the spots were leased out to private enterprises, and the palace of the Maharaja reserved the right to appropriate what it considered as the most precious and valuable stones; other stones were given over to the lease-holders.

Note: 1.An even number of salagrama stones must be worshipped, but they must not be only two; an odd number of them is never worshipped, but one only is regarded best.

2.If a person worships daily twelve salagrama-stones with devotion, his merits will increase, and sins will be destroyed.

3.It must always be presented freely by a teacher or well-wisher with the words “peace, may it be good to you”; it should be received with reverence in the cupped hands and placed on ones own head, as a mark of acceptance.

4.Even as the fire lies latent in wood, and bursts out when ignited, Vishnu pervades the salagrama-stones and appears when the stone is worshipped.

5.A salagrama-stone continues to be worthy of worship even when it is broken. Split or cracked, it does not lose its auspicious nature. Only the mark of the discus must be present in the stone.

6.A salagrama-stone damaged in any way will not become unfit for worship; it is not always sacred and worthy; nothing can be a deterrent for its worship.

7.If you are worshiping more than one Shaligram, make sure they are in even numbers. This means you should have either two, four or six Shaligrams. Place a tulsi mala around them or offer fresh tulsi leaves every where. It is important to remember that even the water that has touched the Shaligram becomes 'amrit' (holy water), while you are bathing it, has tremendous properties. If you drink this water, it can help bring relief from various physical ailments and poor health so you can lead a more healthy life.

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