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What would you get ?
How much time it would take ?
How does our puja services works ?

Aikanathya Suktham Japam
Purusha Suktha Puja
Rajagopalam Puja
Uma Maheswara Puja
Ayusha Homa
Bala Ganpathy Puja
Birthday Puja
Karuka Homam
Nakshathra Puja
Santan Gopalam Homa
Saraswati Puja
Ashtadravya Ganpathy Homam
Ayusha Homa
Dhannuanthara Puja
Mritunjay Homa
Maha Ganpathy Homa
Nakshathra Puja
Navgrah Puja
Rudra Abhishekam
Vishnu Sahasranama Puja
Lakshmi Narayan Puja
Mahasudershan Puja
Mahalakshmi Homa
Navgrah Abhishekam
Rudra Abhishekam
Kaalsarpdosh Niravan Puja


1 ) What would you get?

If you have ordered for a puja or Homa , this is what you actually receive as prasad. Kindly note, that whatever is received after puja is sent to you. However, we do not send you any kind edibles, what so ever. Things that you receive:

Prasad - This may be Vibuthi, Kumkum, Chandan or Turmeric.
Flowers or Tulsi leaves as prasad.

2 ) How much time it would take ?

The prasad is sent to you through courier. Normally, you should receive the prashad of puja within 5 - 7 days of shipping from (Next day of Puja Date). To ensure safe delivery, your order is carefully packed and sent by reputable courier services with tracking information. Should you have more questions or concerns regarding our merchandise quality and authenticity certification, please contact us at


3) How does our puja service works

Performing your puja is done with utmost care at rudraksh. We believe that when we fulfill an order, not only are you happy with our services, but also we, since, we have delivered to you what we have promised. Since, you order with us, trusting that we do the puja truthfully, it forms more than a moral responsibility to explain to you in detail as to how your puja is actually done. What happens next after you place an order with us? Simple steps that are explained below should be able to give you a clear picture. In case, you still are not convinced about how we do your puja, please contact us at

1. Ordering:
Ordering is the first thing that you do, that enables us to do your puja. As soon as you order, you receive an Order Confirmation Mail from us.

2. Performing Puja:

The puja is done in the temple on your behalf. After the performance of the puja,we send to you another mail . The mail states that your puja has been performed as required by you. On seeing this mail, you can be rest assured that you will soon receive the prasad from us.

3. We ship the prasad to you:
The prasad is sent to you through courier. Normally, you should receive the package within 5 - 7 days of shipping from

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