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Shvetark Ganpati

Shvetark Ganapati is one of the purest and rarest sacred item on this earth. Shvetark Ganapati is obtained from the root of a shrub, that takes the form of Lord Ganesha. In Sanskrit it is called Ark and in Hindi known as Aak. This Aak plant has green and blue leaves. Its flowers are of small size but without any fragrance. The Aak plant has a rare white plant which also has shite flowers. This is a rare plant and cannot be found easily.

In our shastra, it is laid down that in any house where white (Shvetark) Ganapati is
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available, the house remains free from all evils and the possessors are blessed with immense wealth. This is used for puja, when onces this Ganapati is awakened, nothing becomes impossible for the sadhak. The root of this white Aak must be taken out carefully. When the bark and thin wood over the root is peeled off, one will see an image of Ganpati below it. This is called SHVETARAK GANPATI.
"Raw Shvetark Ganpati"

Some people take the root of a white Aak to the carpenter and get a Ganpati made. This is used for doing sadhana according to Tantra shastra. The Shastras say that in any house which has a white Ganpati remains free from all evils and the possessor is blessed with immense wealth.

SHVETARAK GANPATI INCREASES THE VIGOUR, VITALITY AND ENTHUSIASM if kept in the bed room. One attains spritual powers by worshipping it.

"Shvetark Ganpati"